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Caroline and the Invisible Orchestra: how I hacked my self doubt and went on tour

Well hello there everyone who has found your way here :)

Warmly welcome to my humble abode, please feel at home. Here I want to share with you how "Caroline and the Invisible Orchestra" and "The Backwards tour" started.

The Backwards Tour/ hacking my own system

Backwards? Yes, backwards. Normally a tour starts with an album and then there is a tour. I started out with no music what so ever and finish with an album. I want to present myself as I am, not a perfect surface version, so I start where I stand. I travel through Europe, and in each place I go to I meet up with a musician/ artist and we create an original song together from scratch, then we record it, I go to the next place, meet up with another musician, create a new song, record it etc. I will then have a residency in the Pyrenees where I produce the album. All of this will happen within 6 months. Planned album release is in august 2020. Sounds short of time? Yes, it´s the point, no time for perfectionism and mental blocks, through creating clear frameworks to be creative inside I´m hacking my own system ;). And I can´t back off when having a set date with a musician, I just have to show up and do it.

To fund the project I created a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, which in itself was a crazy scary way to fund a project, because if I wouldn´t reach the goal I wouldn´t get any of the money. But together with all my friends and family and people who just liked the idea I managed to reach the goal and even go higher! I´m blown away by the response the Kickstarter campaign got on social media, so many people wanted to support me in every kind of way, my heart just burst open, wow! THANK YOU, it means the world to me! This in itself was also part of the tricking of myself, because through Kickstarter I have now already sold the album, so not possible to dive in to all sorts of reasons of not following through.

Here is the video I made for the fundraising campaign, also the first video I ever made. The learning curve was steep from step one ;)

Why do I do this?

Because my heart sings to me that I have things to share through music. Because I have wanted to create an album and go on a tour for so many years but not even dared to pronounce the idea to myself in fear of failure. It was time to rest nakedly with self doubt and fear of failure, and just go for it. So instead of taking the detour of first creating an album, working on it to perfection for years and then go on tour, I went straight on the tour, jumped right out into the unknown. This is why the working title of the album is "NAKED", guards down I start where I stand. I know there are so many artists (especially women) feeling the same thing and I hope I can inspire others by doing this. In fact I have already had so much feedback from people of just that, that they are inspired to dare do what they love.

The music

On the recording tour I have brought my voice, my Ableton PUSH which is an electronic multi functional sound machine that one can make beats, loops, soundscapes and an infinite other things on, my kalimba and my violin. The music being created is a meeting between me and the other musicians and since the musicians I meet are from different genres there will be a variety of influences such as folk, jazz and electronic music.

The Invisible Orchestra

I am super exited about the collaborative artists because they are all literally both amazing musicians/ artists as well as wonderful people. And why "Invisible"? Because you woun´t be able to see them once on stage, they will only be with me in my loops and machines.

Musicians that are already in the project: (north to south)

- Petter Berndalen: Drums - swedish folk music and everything: Stockholm 

- Klara Stenqvist: Double base - jazz: Helsingborg

- Johan Davidsson: electric guitar - jazz: Helsingborg

- Anna Thorstensson: Cello - classical, folk, kletzmer and everything: Malmö

- Samuel Lundström: Violin and nyckelharpa - classical, folk music and everything: Lund

- Theis Faurholt Nielsen: Piano - jazz/ allround: Copenhagen

- Julia Göltl: Poetry, photography and arts: Berlin

- Alexander Mercks: Handpan: Freiburg

- France Affifi: Piano: Puivert

- Pauline Voleau: Clarinet: Puivert

All of them deserve a full presentation with pictures, videos and all to show their full glory, but I can´t give away everything at the same time ;)

This is me on top of the mythical mountain Bugarach in the Pyrenees.

Until next time friends!


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