Photogaphy by: Lena Larsson


Caroline is a versatile and playful musician who uses sounds, melodies and rhythms in inventive ways. With electronic as well as acoustic instruments she brings the audience into a magical atmosphere outside time and space. 

Caroline has a soft yet powerful voice that she continuously explores new ways of using such as "kulning" (ancient herding calls) and beatboxing. She curiously dives into different genres such as Swedish folk, world music, sound scapes, jazz, acoustic pop, soul and bossanova. Vocals is her main instrument and she uses the electronic device Ableton Push and a loop station to create atmospherical soundscapes also with the help of singing bowls, kalimba, violin, palmas, guitar and piano. 

Currently she is on a music recording tour through Europe with her project "Caroline and the Invisible Orchestra" where she meets up with one musician in each place, write a song together and record it. The songs will be compiled in her debut album that is planned to be released in August 2020. Read more about the recording tour here. 

Selection of Music projects

  • "The Backwards tour" with "Caroline and the Invisible Orchestra". Music recording tour though Europe in self converted mini van. Funded by friends and fans through crowd funding campaign.  

  • "Step on Stop" - sound installations at art exhibition together with French artist Christophe Souques. Stockholm 2019. Link to video

  • "Strisvara" - International womens music project with participants from all around the world including indigenous participants from India and Sweden. Recorded and produced the songs that were created as well as facilitated the residency as part of the Treeons youth organisation Sweden. Link to video.

  • Singing coach at Platanus Produktion: Teaching young adults and adults voice technique and finding their natural sound and expression. 2016-2017

  • "Ur djungeln ropar jag på dig"/ "From the jungle I call you": sound scape concert picturing a day and night in the Bornean rainforest. Composed, arranged and performed by Caroline and Astrid Lind together with an ensemble at Ingesund Music university.

  • "Slång":  experimental sound concert composed, arranged and performed together with percussionist Astrid Lind and ensemble at Ingesunds Music university.

  • "Det magiska cirkuståget" / "The magical circus train": A musical kids play written, produced and directed by Caroline Pehrson and Anna Rubinsztein. Caroline also played the leading role. Gotland.

  • "1956" The musical:  A musical about the Hungarian revolution with a 45 person ensemble and full symphony orchestra. Produced by Caroline Pehrson and Christer Johansson. Caroline aslo played Katarina Loretsky, one of the leading characters. Oscarsteatern - Stockholm.

  • "Popkollo": music camps for girls, women and transpeople. Arranging and leading together with the rest of the Popkollo crew. Teaching music in a safe space. Link to website.



During the Strisvara tour, at Diselverkstaden.


Nina Grigorjeva and Caroline Pehrson doing herding calls in Eric Erikssonhallen.


Caroline at "Mapuche, drömmar och ljudlandskap" - Kulturfyren.


Caroline aka DJ Masala at Relaxfesten Gothenburg.



  • Advanced Higher vocational education diploma in Cultural project management - Gothenburg

  • Jazz singing and improvisation, a two year programme at Ingesund Music University - Arvika

  • Herding calls and folk music courses at the Royal College of Music - Stockholm

  • Cuban music, programme at the National Art School Center - Havana

  • Singing, one year programme at Gotland folk college - Gotland

  • Acting at Wendelsbergs folk college - Göteborg

  • Education in the nature of mind, ongoing Dzogchen teachings since 2011.