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The music on this album was written and recorded by Caroline Pehrson in collaboration with many musicians around Europe during a jump into the unknown, called the Backwards tour. Thank you all visible and invisible beings who helped this come about, you mean a lot.


Caroline Pehrson: music, lyrics, production, driver, vocals (all songs)

Amanda Klinthäll: production, mixing

Max Konyi: mastering

Sophie Marie: artwork

Julia Göltl: photograph, lyrics (Berlin)

Petter Berndalen: music, drums (Värme 4) maker of the micks used in all the recordings

Alexander Mercks: music, hang (Schwarzwald)

Samuel Lundström: music, nyckelharpa, violin (Spindlarna var här före oss) violin (Queen Neptunus Rex) saw (Dragonmind)

Klara Stenqvist: music, lyrics, double base (Dragonmind)

Mira Stenqvist: lyrics (Dragonmind)

Johan Davidsson: music, electric guitar (Dragonmind)

France Affidi: music, piano (Bugarach)

Polin Lissodephe: music, clarinette (Bugarach)

Christoph Souques: poetry, vocals (Bugarach)

Anna Thorstensson: music, cello (Visa vid Rosengård)

Theis Faurholt Nielsen: music, piano (Queen Neptunus Rex)

Sara Keryda: music, celtic harp (Slow and Real)

Damien Papin: music, double base (Slow and Real)

Mats Dimming: double base (Schwarzwald, Spindlarna, Neptunus, Berlin, Infinite Silence)

Mischa Grind: drums, percussion (Schwarzwald, Spindlarna, Dragonmind, Neptunus, Berlin, Infinite Silence)

Ingrid the van: reliable companion

Caroline & the Invisible Orchestra - PHYSICAL CD

150,00 krPrice
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